Martin Mendez (Opeth)

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Courtesy of Fender Com

By Thomas Semioli

Prog-metal often does not garner the recognition (especially in the mainstream) for musical excellence that it so richly deserves – though publications such as the new edition of Bass Player are changing that. The genre has been at the forefront of innovation, especially on our instrument – from the use of tonal effects, its adventurous tendency for time-signature traversing passages, to extended range, and beyond.


Bassist Martin Mendez straddles the traditional role of the bassist and the challenges of underpinning the complexities of Opeth’s compositions – both on stage and on record. However unlike many of his prog-metal peers – Mendez keeps it relatively “simple” – using the time tested Fender Jazz bass (including the Deluxe V) run (mostly) organically through a Fender Super Bassman amp, SVT, or Ampeg.


Among the most influential ensembles of its ilk, Opeth’s comprehensive canon incorporates elements of jazz, classical, folk, Goth, blues, and old-school prog – which is why they’ve been working their craft for over thirty years.


Dig Martin’s Five Tips for Bassists as reported on Music Radar:

Learn your scales

Take more risks

“Just play from the heart”

Watch that need for speed

Find the best of the best


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Courtesy of Opeth Com Courtesy of Opeth Com

Courtesy of Opeth Com