Joe Mantegna (The Apocryphals)

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Back in 1965, prior to Criminal Minds and Joe Mantegna’s success as an actor and director on TV, and in movies, there was a band out of Chicago called The Apocryphals that released five singles on local labels.  Joe Mantegna played bass in that band.

The band was a favorite on the Teen Club and Concert Scene, and one of the badges of its success was a van with the band name painted on the side.

“Alone As I Am:

The Apocryphals

The band’s contemporaries included The Missing Links (pre- Chicago Transit Authority).

Joe Mantegna’s connection to Chicago

As we know, Joe had much greater success as an actor after hanging up his rock and roll shoes, but for those that were able to catch The Apocryphals, we are grateful for their contribution to the 60’s Chicago music scene.

Courtesy John Mantegna Com Courtesy John Mantegna Com

Courtesy John Mantegna Com