Johnny Pisano (Willie Nile)

Photo by Christina Arrigoni Photo by Christina Arrigoni

Photo by Christina Arrigoni

Don’t let his movie-star good looks and gravity defying stage persona fool you – or me – Johnny Pisano is one well-grounded, well rounded bassist.  Doubling on upright and electric, Pisano plies his craft as the situation warrants – from punk to funk and back again and all the permutations thereof – blues, fusion, folk, reggae, cabaret, old school rock and roll, alternative rock….


Johnny Pisano “One Guitar Mon”


A singer, composer, sideman, solo recording artist, t-shirt designer, Johnny has anchored on and off Broadway and traveling theatrical productions, and has worked the pocket on stage and on record with the legends: Willie Nile, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, Ryan Adams, Jessie Malin, David Johansen, Robert Gordon, and Marky Ramone to cite a very, very select few.


Dig Pisano with his boss Willie Nile and The Boss



Johnny Pisano Portrait_opt.jpg Johnny Pisano Portrait_opt.jpg

His lone solo slab to date is a tour de force of NYC rock and roll aptly titled Punk Rock Pizzeria.


Dig Pisano rendering a song from PPR “Superhero” replete with Super Man cape!


Pisano’s weapons of choice include Fender Precision and Lakeland jazz bass.


And in his spare time, he’s an actor! You’ve seen him in Vinyl, The Sopranos, Law & Order, among others…


However, you’re more likely to see Pisano on stage, as he is among the most in-demand cats in the business. Check out www.JohnnyPisano.Com


Pisano PRP_opt.jpg Pisano PRP_opt.jpg