Dave Angel (The Boyzz From Illinoizz)

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By Joe Gagliardo

Back in the mid-late 70’s one of the bands that was making a lot of loud and cool noise in Chicago, literally and figuratively, was The Boyzz From Illinoizz.  Bassist Dave Angel was a key part of that aural assault.  His live wall of sound was created by three heads, driving 3 separate cabinets (2 x 12”, 8 x 10” SVT bottom, and a 15” subwoofer horn cabinet).  His axe of choice, was, and is, a John Gray custom made Explorer body bass, made of Brazilian Rosewood and Maple, with a Rosewood neck and Ebony fret board.  Dave’s playing and sound was influenced by Chris Squire (Yes), John Entwistle (The Who), and he soaked up the melodicism of Paul McCartney.

Taking it back to the beginning, Dave would spend time laying on the floor with his head between the speakers of his parents’ console record player, listening to a variety of music from the Theme from Exodus to The Beatles.  That is where he became intrigued with the sound of bass.  He started on Tuba, moved to a 1969 Kay String Bass, which is still part of his arsenal, and ultimately to his custom-made Explorer styled bass.

Fast forward to 1978, The Boyzz were signed by Steve Popovich to Epic/Cleveland International Records, and the LP Too Wild to Tame was released.

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The record release led to an incendiary show at The Agora in Cleveland, where The Boyzz did a live telecast of their show, with label mate, Meatloaf as the MC.

“Destined to Die”  The Boyzz from Illinois  https://youtu.be/E7JVHvyVde8

At the end of the show, they were joined on stage by Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Karla DeVito and Ellen Foley, who were also on the label.

“Whole Lotta Shakin” The Boyzz with Meatloaf, Mick Ronson, Ian Hunter https://youtu.be/r3Sl5JkRsm0

In 2019, the song “Too Wild To Tame” was re-released, as part of the Cleveland Rocks album, where The Boyzz are in the company of Bruce Springsteen, Ronnie Spector, Meatloaf, Southside Johnny, Ian Hunter and other great artists.

Cleveland Rocks commercial https://youtu.be/0lLkzhsI4Xw

After The Boyzz, Dave was in The B’zz, another band signed to Epic that appeared on American Bandstand, where the Paul McCartney influence can be heard in the song “Caught in the Middle.”

Dig Dave’s descending bass line that drives the song. https://youtu.be/dYyDMLe6NV0

Dave Clark and Dick Angel Dick Clark and Dave Angel

Dave Clark and Dick Angel

These days, Dave has taken the critical listening that he learned while laying on the floor listening to music at his parents’ house, and has fulfilled his dream to be a recording engineer/producer by building Rave Song Records.

Dave is still active playing bass with The Willing, primarily a studio recording group that performs original harmony-driven songs, , and he can be seen performing live with The Raleigh Tuckers, a band that mixes originals with its favorite Beatles and other covers.

The Willing “Ultima Thule” https://youtu.be/o2rT9hnpgVU

Dave Angel: https://youtu.be/maECPVYnMU0

Dave Angel String Bass.jpg Dave Angel String Bass.jpg