Mike Gorman (Pezband)

By Joe Gagliardo

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Like many of us, Mike Gorman’s first electric guitar was a 6 string, but once he held a bass in his hands, and heard those warm deep tones, he was hooked!

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Starting with a Gibson EB-0, and influenced by the bass pillars of the British Invasion, including Paul McCartney, Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), John Entwistle (The Who), Peter Quaife (The Kinks), and Rick Huxley (Dave Clark Five), among others, Mike has been a constant on the Chicago music scene, and his playing has crossed many genres.

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Mike has waxed slabs with Power Pop legends Pezband and Off Broadway, played with Wild Blue, and is currently laying down the bottom with the rootsy Redmonds, and his latest recorded rock project, The Outfit.


In Pezband Mike assumed the role of many of his bass heroes co-writing a number of the group’s memorable songs, while handling some of the lead vocals.

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Though Mike still treasures that Gibson EB-0, his mainstay basses have been a Fender P/J four string, and a 30-year-old Ibanez 5-string.

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In light of his influences, it is no surprise that Mike’s melodic playing holds and fills the pocket well. Though Mike can pump and thump with the best of them, he is a meat and potatoes bassist, who plays for the song.

He just wants to keep it moving!

To get a taste of Mike’s style, check out Pezband’s Hippy Hippy Shake recorded live at Dingwalls in England, Off Broadway’s Automatic, or Lucky One by The Outfit, who blast a rock sound reminiscent of the Les Paul/Marshall-driven bands, we all love.

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Better yet, try and catch him live with The Redmonds if you are in the Chicago-area, or catch him with The Outfit, currently touring in support of their debut cd, The Outfit, and their soon to be released cd, Viking.