David Hull (Joe Perry Project, Buddy Miles Express)

Multi-instrumentalist, bassist, composer, recording artist David Hull commenced his extraordinary and versatile career on stage and in the studio as anchor of the Buddy Miles Express in 1970 when he was barely out of his teens.


Founder of Connecticut rock ensemble The Dirty Angels, David is rock-solid rocker with a soulful disposition (as referenced in his fine solo platter Soul In Motion), Hull has waxed commendable slabs and/or worked stages with Arthur Lee & Love (Vindicator), the Joe Perry Project, Joe Cocker, Ted Nugent, Modern Farmer (with Reeves Gabrels), Fahrenheit, and Pete Droge & The Sinners, among others.

Among Hull’s weapons of choice include a modified P/J ‘75 Fender Precision, late ‘70s MusicMan Stingray, Hagstrom 8-string, early 70s Fender Telecaster Bass, and a Lakeland 55-94, among others. On stage David is a Hartke all the way Hartke LH100 head, Hartke 410XL and 115BXL cabs.


David also pinch-hit for an ailing Tom Hamilton on a few Aerosmith world tours. Keep up with DH at www.DavidHullMusic.com


David Hull Sound & Vision….


Joe Perry Project: “Let the Music Do the Talking”  https://youtu.be/logDHc2XzXI


David Hull “Soul In Motion” https://youtu.be/QEeRSfoP6LI


Buddy Miles: “Take It Off Him” https://youtu.be/61pqJAEVpv0


Fahrenheit “Fool In Love” https://youtu.be/Yu-oLBKkxWA


David with Aerosmith in 2006 https://youtu.be/vg_VRFmQD4A


Dirty Angles Live 1976 https://youtu.be/QiAAkKiRGIc