David Hull (Joe Perry, Buddy Miles)

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Multi-instrumentalist, bassist, composer, recording artist David Hull commenced his extraordinary and versatile recording – sideman career as anchor of the Buddy Miles Express in 1970 when he was barely out of his teens.

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Founder of Connecticut rock ensemble The Dirty Angels, David is rock-solid rocker with a soulful disposition (as referenced in his fine solo platter Soul In Motion), Hull has waxed commendable slabs and/or worked stages with Arthur Lee & Love (Vindicator), the Joe Perry Project, Joe Cocker, Ted Nugent, Modern Farmer (with Reeves Gabrels), Farrenheit, and Pete Droge & The Sinners, among others.  Most folks saw David pinch-hit for an ailing Tom Hamilton on a few Aerosmith world tours.

Dig David with Joe Perry:  https://youtu.be/logDHc2XzXI

Dig David from his solo slab – the title track “Soul In Motion” https://youtu.be/QEeRSfoP6LI

Dig David with Buddy Miles: https://youtu.be/4Dh5FtB2Chc

Dig David with Farrenheit “Fool In Love” https://youtu.be/Yu-oLBKkxWA

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Among Hull’s weapons of choice include a modified P/J ‘75 Fender Precision, late ‘70s MusicMan Stingray, Hagstrom 8-string, early 70s Fender Telecaster Bass, and a Lakeland 55-94, among others. On stage David is a Hartke all the way Hartke LH100 head, Hartke 410XL and 115BXL cabs

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