Gary Shea (Alcatrazz, New England)

Photo Courtesy of Gary Shea Facebook

You can tell an exceptional bass player by the company they keep – on stage and in the studio. Which brings us to Gary Shea. A hard-rocking New Englander inspired by the masters (James Jamerson, Bernard Odum with James Brown, Sir Paul, and John Entwistle, Shea forsook the guitar (like so many of us) for the bass and never looked back. A decidedly “no nonsense” i.e., groove player with a melodic flair, Shea continues to anchor two formidable ensembles: Alcatrazz and New England – among other projects.


Gary has also toiled behind the scenes: with R&D for Korg U.S.A, and writing bass programs for the AX1B, The Pandora 3, Pandora 4 and the AX3000B bass processors.


Shea briefly studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Among his stage and bandstand credits include Graham Bonnet, Luther Grosvenor (aka Ariel Bender of Mott the Hoople), Michael Corby, Rock Island Orchestra, Michael Monarch, Herman Rarebell (Scorpions), Peter French (Cooper-Shea), Jimmy Waldo, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Steve Vai…to cite a select few.


Gary Shea Sound & Vision…


New England:


“Shall I Run Away”


“Don’t Ever Want to Lose Ya”


2010 reunion




“Island In the Sun”


“Lost in Hollywood”


“God Blessed”


2017 reunion “Skyfire”


Cooper- Shea “Nickels and Dimes”