Mike Muller (Dive Bar Romeos, Too Many Lauras, Mario Rossi Band)

Behold the bass lifer: the cat who lays down the groove, works a melody, renders a solo, anchors the gig with a flair for improv when required, and wherever needed from the clubs to the concert halls and all the permutations thereof: Mike Muller! A composer, producer, educator, and vocalist: Muller time means waxing sides and working stages with some of the biggest names in the biz, and indie rockers who may not have had their commercial due, yet forged artistry worthy of rediscovery. Methinks if and when Muller departs this mortal coil, he’ll be a first call player in the next dimension of other worldly existence.


 Nattily attired, urban squire, not perspired, far from retired, sans the muck and mire, preachin’ to the choir, puttin’ out the fire, will not raise your ire, his need ain’t dire..workin’ the blooze boogie pocket croonin’ and groovin’..


All things Muller at www.MikeMullerBass.com


Photo credits Ursula Moutin-Katzenmeier