Stephen Amazing (Upp, Jeff Beck, Clark-Hutchinson)


According to legend, when Andy Clark turned to his bassist and bellowed “Stephen, you’re amazing!” he adopted the moniker “Stephen Amazing.”



The bassist born Stephen Fields utilized both a trad finger picking and a plectrum / rhythm guitar strumming approach – which indeed, were quite amazing – see the Upp BBC video clip below.  Mr. Amazing waxed an amazing slab with Jeff Beck – who served as the anonymous producer / guitarist on Upp in 1975.  Amazin’ Amazing also backed Beck for a few gigs circa ’74-75 and anchored jam band / blues rockers Clark – Hutchinson before vanishing from music biz without a trace….hence this is all we know about him. 


Note to bass detectives: if you have info on Stephen, please contact us!




Stephen Amazing Sound & Vision….


Upp on UK TV with Jeff Beck




“Summer Seemed Longer”


“Free to Be Stoned”