Mat Osman (London Suede)

Akin to nearly all their 1990s Brit pop peers, Suede unabashedly borrowed from Beatles to Bowie – however these lads soared to the top of the UK charts repeatedly, even after their resident guitar hero Bernard Butler split after their sophomore slab. Amid all the gossip and tabloid nonsense which pervaded in the music press, Suede had the substance to back up the sizzle.


Bassist Matthew David Osman does his classic Macca homework diligently, working a vintage Rickenbacker and rendering upper register melodies aplenty to underpin Brett Anderson’s tortured croon.


Great songs make for great bass lines, and Suede is in no short supply of either. Osman’s unassuming stage presence belies his talent for driving the engine that has kept this band relevant whilst many of the era have faded into nostalgia…


Mat Osman Sound & Vision…


“Beautiful Ones”    




“Animal Nitrate”


Suede live at the Royal Albert Hall: