Glenn Letsch (Ronnie Montrose, Robin Trower)

Courtesy of Glenn Letsch Com Courtesy of Glenn Letsch Com

Courtesy of Glenn Letsch Com

A master of the “heavy” groove with a “no frills,” soulful rhythmic approach – Glenn Letsch has been called upon to wax sides and anchor ensembles led by guitar legends Ronnie Montrose and Robin Trower along with such artists as Gregg Allman, Neil Schon and Jonathan Cain, among others, for a few generations and counting.

An author (Bass Lessons with the Greats, Bass Masters Class, Bass for Beginners, R & B Bass, Country Bass, James Brown Bass, among others), educator (Diablo Valley College, Bass Guitar-The Lowdown with Glen Letsch),  private instructor, recording artist, session cat, sideman, bandleader – Glenn cites James Jameson, Greg Ridley as his primary influences as a bass player, and Jonathan Cain as a profound mentor as a musician.

Notes John Wardlaw in a Ronnie Montrose fan-site interview with Glenn:  I’d have to say I learned the most playing and recording with Jonathan Cain (keyboardist and songwriter for Journey). His knowledge of music and his feel for the right thing put him on a very special level. It’s not so much that he overtly “teaches.” Rather, you learn alot by paying very close attention to – his songwriting method, his song arrangements, and his
quest for “reasonable perfection” in the studio (he recognizes when we’ve got the rippin’ take, and knows when to stop). Jonathan is successful because he knows what he’s doing. Additionally, he always writes tremendous and often times, involved bass lines on his demos. He expects you to match those parts note for note. And then, if you can, beat them. So, he always encourages excellence AND creativity. If you have something you want to say on your instrument, and it’s right, he’s always ready for it.

Dig Glenn workin’ the pocket with Jonathan Cain “Waiting on the Wind”

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Dig Glenn live with Gamma “Ready for Action”

Dig Glenn tearin’ it up on “Bernadette with Glenn” Letsch & Friends:

Dig Glenn workin’ the Jamerson pocket again on his rendition of “What’s Goin’ On”

Dig Glenn with Robin Trower The Playful Heart

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