Jonas Hellborg (Mahavishnu Orchestra)

Courtesy of Jonas Hellborg Com

An instrument designer, prolific recording artist, studio and label owner, collaborator, producer, composer, and bass guitarist – Jonas Hellborg has been at the forefront of the jazz fusion / world fusion movements since the 1980s.


A dexterous player who draws from Western, Indian, classical, jazz, rock and permutations thereof, among Jonas’ high-profile gigs have been with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Word with Tony Williams, PiL, Ginger Baker, and Michael Shrieve among many others.  Since 1979 Jonas has waxed nearly thirty albums as a bandleader! 


Jonas Hellborg Sound & Vision


John McLaugnlin and Billy Cobham


Jonas Hellborg Band live 1988


Shawn Lane and The Vinayakrams