KYBP Remembers The SideWalk Cafe

February 2019


We weep when any venue which affords a stage to performers goes dark.


This deceptively humble setting, however, was a venerable non-stop circus of poets, crooners, rockers, bikers, folkies, freaks, attention seekers, winners, losers, jazzers, avant-garde ‘aven’t got a clue artistes, flakes, floozies, boozers, bohemians, loners, bon vivants, rappers, painters, pouters, shouters, raconteurs, and writers of every conceivable genre and permutations thereof – among others – who celebrated the fringe – and perhaps not realizing that they too were a part of the show!


SideWalk was my de facto Huff Post hub, and the site of scores of interviews ranging from Vh-1 to Amplifier Magazine, Shout New York, Pop Smear, Spin, No Depression, to cite a select few.


Aside from the gigs, my most treasured wee hours of the morning memory here was in April ’97 dining at a table adjacent to the Spice Girls, still in uniform and at the apex of their fame following a Saturday Night Live appearance.


No one fawned over them other than their waitress, who was decidedly non-plussed!


 New York City is a much, much poorer metropolis…  


Godspeed Side WalkCafé!