Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi)

Photo Courtesy of Angelfire

Most recognized as a longtime member of Bon Jovi (he ghosted for Alec Jon Such before appearing on stage as a band member), Hugh McDonald’s credits as a session ace alone qualify him for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame merits!


An exemplary pocket and melodic player who works extended range with wide range of styles at his fingertips, Hugh has anchored seminal sides and/or stages with a wide range of artists spanning Phoebe Snow, Jose Feliciano, David Bromberg, Ringo Starr, Steve Forbert, Lita Ford, Carlene Carter, Alice Cooper, Rory Block, Cher, Andy Pratt, Michael Buble, Michael Bolton, and John Prine just to cite a very select few.


Among Hugh’s weapons of choice include Sadowsky, Hofner, Fender Precision and Fender Jazz in both 4 and 5 string configurations. McDonald was afforded Rock and Roll Hall of Fame membership with Bon Jovi – one of the few times the Hall actually got things right with crediting sidemen and women!


 Hugh McDonald Sound & Vision…


 Bon Jovi:


“This House is Not For Sale”


“We Don’t Run”


“It’s My Life”


Tony Senatore’s rendition of “Livin’ On A Prayer”

I’m going to get into my Iroc Z28 and drive back into 1987. The original bass player on this track was Hugh McDonald, who I knew briefly in the 80’s. He’s as solid as they come, and I am a fan of his style of playing that drives any song. I often wonder what Tom Semioli was doing around this time…perhaps practicing his Kip Winger-like dance steps in his garage for an upcoming metal gig.


Highlighting the importance of eighth notes, dig KYBP Adjunct Professor Tony Senatore’s rendition of “Runaway”


Steve Forbert: “Get Well Soon”


Alice Cooper: “Poison”


Courtesy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Com