Kirby Johnson (Gilligan’s Island, The Mosquitos)

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He anchored the theme song for one of television’s most beloved sitcoms, and also appeared as a bassist in one of the show’s most memorable episodes….


Pocket player Kirby Johnson commenced his career with The Lincolns, a folk ensemble which waxed one platter in 1963 on the Kapp imprint, before they switched their moniker to The Wellingtons.


Migrating to Hollywood in pursuit of fame and fortune, the band inked a deal with Walt Disney’s record company, cutting the theme songs for The Wonderful World of Color, Savage Sam, Folk Heroes and Annette on Campus among others. The Wellingtons also backed Disney actors on promotional tours (Donald O’Connor) and shared the bill with The Supremes and Stevie Wonder on package jaunts, and appeared on such shows as Shindig and Hollywood A Go-Go.


However their legend as rock and roll gods was cemented by way of the hit sitcom Gilligan’s Island wherein they cut the initial version of famous theme song which appeared in the first season (the theme was recut by The Eligibles for seasons two and three) and appeared as the fictional band “The Mosquitos.”


The Wellingtons “Theme to Gilligan’s Island”


The Mosquitos “Don’t Bug Me,” “He’s a Loser”


On the 1965 episode “Don’t Bug The Mosquitoes” the band was consequently upstaged by the Honeybees aka Ginger, Mrs. Howell, and my personal favorite, Maryann on “You Need Us.”


“You Need Us”


Following their appearance on Gilligan’s Island, The Wellingtons sank into obscurity, from which KYBP now rescues them….(pun intended).