Paul Ill (Pink, Alicia Keys, Michael Des Barres)

Photo by Jenna Wilson Photo by Jenna Wilson

Photo by Jenna Wilson

So help me groove! My musical language is determined by my musical philosophies which in turn challenge me to develop in all areas of my life. So for me it’s about body, mind and spirit – their mutual and cohesive health and development. I believe that musicians, like all people, are conduits for love, and love is the will to nurture one’s own or another’s growth….”

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So says Paul Ill, a groove master in the mold of his idols – which he lists as Duck Dunn, Jerry Jemmott, Berry Oakley, John Paul Jones, Sir Paul, and Will Lee, amid others.  A player, composer, sideman, and engaging stage presence – Ill’s illustrious resume is rather impressive: Michael Des Barres, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Hole, Celine Dion, Reeves Gabrels, Bill Ward, Juliette and the Licks, and Alicia Keys – to cite a select few.

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