Charlie Sinclair (Kilburn & The High Roads)



Assuming the bass chair from Humphrey Ocean, who went on to a rather impressive career as a contemporary British painter and Royal Academy Professor of Perspective, the groovin’ pocket playin’ Charlie Sinclair anchored Ian Dury’s “other group” – Kilburn and the Highroads.

Formed by Ian in 1970, these pub rockers forged their craft with an array of influences influence, spanning 50s to reggae. Sinclair provided the pocket for Mr. Dury to perfect his persona which came to full fruition with the Blockheads.

Their lone official slab is a commendable collection, featuring sax colossus and future Blockhead David Payne.    

Charlie Sinclair Sound & Vision

“Upminster Kids”

“Bill Bentley”

“Roadette Song”