Paul Gray (Eddie & The Hotrods, The Damned, UFO, PATM)

Courtesy of Paul Gray Bass Online Com

A master countermelodic and groove player, he’s anchored three iconic British ensembles – Eddie and the Hot Rods, The Damned and UFO. He has collaborated with Johnny Thunders, Rob Tyner, Andrew Ridgeley, and Captain Sensible, to cite a select few. And if humankind can survive the 21st Century, we’ll add Professor and The Madman and Sensible Gray Cells to the list of legendary bands for which Paul Gray has held the rhythmic and harmonic fort. 


Inspired by Lemmy, Sir Paul, Roger Glover, John Entwistle and Felix Pappalardi, Gray’s primary weapon of choice is the Rickenbacker 4001 – of which he owns many! A player who is usually up in the mix, Gray’s motifs fortify the singers and their songs with melodic riffage. Nowadays Gray also co-helms the ensemble Sensible Gray Cells with his PATM band mate Captain Sensible . A producer, writer, and recording artist, Paul also worked extensively with Community Music Wales which supports emerging artists in Cardiff. 


In addition to his work with PATM, Paul is a fervent practitioner of remote recording – check out his website for more details:


Know Your Bass Player Exclusive Interview: Professor And The Madman: On The Record with Bassist Paul Gray:


Stay tuned for Paul’s exclusive KYBP On Zoom interview slated for November 2020…


Paul Gray Sound & Vision…


Eddie and the Hot Rods “Do Anything You Wanna Do”


Andrew Ridgeley “Red Dress”


Rob Tyner “Til the Night Is Gone”


Sensible Gray Cells: “I Married A Monster”


The Damned: “Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde”


UFO: “Heaven’s Gate / Night Run” Live


Paul Gray Bass


Professor And The Madman:


“Space Walrus”


 “Time Machine”