Mark Tulin (Electric Prunes)

Courtesy of Electric Prunes 67 Com


The minute you walk in the room I break into a sweat. My hands begin to shake so bad I can’t light my cigarette….”


Founding Electric Prunes bassist Mark Shalom Tulin was a fluid pocket and melodic player whose buoyant grooves, groovy stage moves, and heavy motifs helped define the enduring art of garage rock.


Aside from his Prunes pedigree, Mark also plied his craft with various ensembles and sessions including Ananda Shankar (1970), Buckingham Nicks (1973), and Smashing Pumpkins’ Teargarden by Kaleidyscope Volume 1 (2009), among others.


Dig Mark with The Electric Prunes…


“Get Me to the World on Time”  


“I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night”


Mark with Teargarden / Smashing Pumpkins “Astral Planes”