Brian Odgers (Walker Bros., Serge Gainsbourg)

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“Levon wears his war wound like a crown …he calls his child Jesus ’cause he likes the name…

“No regrets, no tears goodbye…don’t want you back again…”

He’s one of those cats whose name appears in the credits of seminal sides aplenty, yet little is known about him other than his recorded work.

A prolific UK studio player, composer, and multi-instrumentalist (upright / woodwinds) in the golden age of the 70s album era, Brian Odgers excelled in the pocket and as a melodic master. Odgers’ laudable recorded legacy includes John McLaughlin, Elton John, Lou Reed, Roger Daltrey, Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, The Walker Brothers, Al Stewart, Vangelis, Shawn Phillips, Chris de Burgh, Serge Gainsbourg, Roger Chapman, and a struggling young songwriter named Marc Bolan, to cite a very select few!

Akin to many studio players, Odgers also made attempts to break through on his own, most notably with the ensemble Sweet Thursday, which featured session ace Nicky Hopkins, and Slim Chance / Cat Stevens guitarist Alun Davies.

Odgers No Regrets.jpg Odgers No Regrets.jpg

Dig Brian with Sir Elton “Levon”

Dig Brian with The Walker Brothers “No Regrets”

Dig Brian with John McLaughlin “Extrapolation”

Dig Brian with Serge “Marilou Reggae”

Dig Brian with Sweet Thursday on his composition “Molly”

Dig Brian with Lou “Ride Into the Sun”

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