Richard Jones (Stereophonics)

Courtesy of Stereophonics Com Courtesy of Stereophonics Com

Courtesy of Stereophonics Com

Welsh Brit Poppers? Classic rockers? Indie heroes? Alt rock raconteurs?

All of the above and then some. Three decades into their stellar career, The Sterophonics, led by raspy voiced singer, songwriter Kelly Jones – continue to wax platters that matter to the masses, despite the fact that they hardly garner the attention of their peers, some of whom coast on past glories.

Founding bassist Richard Jones (no relation) is a solid song / pocket player who outlines the changes with the utmost economy in support of the singer and his songs.  No frills, no problems. Jones has a ‘jones’ for Fender Jazz basses, along with the occasional Gibson hollow body, among other weapons of choice.

Dig “Maybe Tomorrow”

Dig “Handbags & Gladrags”

Dig “Dakota”

Dig “A Minute Longer”

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