Gary Tibbs (Roxy Music, Adam & The Ants, Vibrators)

Courtesy of Gary Tibbs LinkedIn
A versatile slap, fretless, and fingerstyle player, Gary Tibbs’ funk-fusion fluidity consequently updated Roxy Music from an art glam ensemble into suave AOR outfit as evidenced on two exemplary platters: Manifesto (1979) and Flesh + Blood (1980).


Gary also anchored a version of Adam & The Ants replete with the obligatory tarted up New Romantic jim-jams, and also helmed seminal sides by Brian May, Corey Hart, The Vibrators, Kristy MacColl, and Hazel O’Connor, to cite a fringe few.


Gary Tibbs Sound & Vision…

Roxy Music “ Manifesto”
Roxy Music “Trash”
The former Stuart Goddard
“Stand and Deliver”

“Ant Rap” Notes bassist, author Robert Burke Warren:

“The only Roxy bassist to be immortalized in an Adam & The Ants song!”

The Vibrators “Automatic Lover”