Tim Butler (Psychedelic Furs, Love Spit Love)

Photo by Jamie Moroni


Given John Ashton’s idiosyncratic sonic soundscapes, and inventive chord inversions (akin to the masters George Harrison, Mick Ronson, Johnny Marr), coupled with contrapuntal plinkery from an array of keyboardists, and further enhanced by Duncan Kilburn / Mars Williams’ sax-y countermelodies beneath Richard Butler’s signature sand and glue croon– somebody in the bleedin’ Psychedelic Furs had to render the root notes!


Enter founding bassist Tim Butler, who did just that on a variety of instruments (Fender, MusicMan, Ibanez, Zon, among others) occasionally abetted with subtle effects and varying rhythms throughout several superb slabs. In the 21st Century (or what’s left of it) The Furs are back in business sans  Ashton, go figure, however their golden era remains relevant. Among rock’s most underappreciated ensembles….


Tim Butler Sound & Vision…


Psychedelic Furs:   


“Come All Ye Faithful” https://youtu.be/IID_yINv42s


“Shock” https://youtu.be/KHTanWoS5iM


“Until She Comes” https://youtu.be/dNEDY9I_wOk


“Angels Don’t Cry” https://youtu.be/XU65Y4gTUYo


“All That Money Wants” https://youtu.be/Gti22zo6sm0


“Pretty In Pink” https://youtu.be/RuWmsg-ihLg


“Shine” https://youtu.be/xZjTwh-WGBo


Love Spit Love:


“Half a Life” https://youtu.be/kKGa_P-GZMk