Klassje Van Der Wal (Shocking Blue)

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“A goddess on a mountain top was burning like a silver flame…”

Formed in The Hague in 1967 as a blues outfit, Nederbeat rockers Shocking Blue hit the charts when they enlisted racoon eyed singer Mariska Veres and turned psychedelic in ‘69, waxing a series of groovin’ slabs and singles which sold in the millions.

A Fender Precision plectrum purveying pocket player Klaasje Van Der Wal anchored such memorable hits as “Never Marry a Railroad Man,” “Send Me a Postcard,” “Mighty Joe,” “Love Buzz” and the iconic “Venus” among others.  As their popularity faded in the early 70s, the members went their separate ways save for a few scattered reunion shows in the early ‘80s and recordings which never saw commercial release. Alas, with the passing of Van Der Wal in 2018, no primary member of Shocking Blue traverses this mortal coil…


Dig Klassje and Shocking Blue…

“Venus” https://youtu.be/aPEhQugz-Ew

“Never Marry a Railroad Man” https://youtu.be/amFm3Ihosig

“Love Buzz” https://youtu.be/QaPL8UsTR1Q

“Send Me a Postcard” https://youtu.be/upO7h5FsIYI

Mighty Joe” https://youtu.be/zHub01jVQ3M

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