Hank Harvey (Crabby Appleton)

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Led by singer-songwriter Michael Fennelly, Crabby Appleton waxed two fine Elektra slabs circa 1970-71 and enjoyed a bona-fide hit with “Go Back. ” Bassist Hank Harvey was a pocket player with a rhythm & blues disposition who worked the supportive role like so many of us do.

Dig Hank with Crabby Appleton….

“Go Now” https://youtu.be/NM9qgiTZO6Y

“Cant Live My Life Without You” from American Bandstand https://youtu.be/KCzAoEh24R8

“To All My Friends” https://youtu.be/zhlNZ0lJ2cU

“Smokin’ In the Morning” https://youtu.be/tuHnvX4DJXc

“Peace by Peace” https://youtu.be/q-mjBhzSoxY

Crabby Appleton 2.png Crabby Appleton 2.png