Lee Jackson (The Nice)


Among the preeminent pioneering prog-rock bassists, Lee Jackson is a versatile player with a capacity for dexterous passages (“Rondo 69”), psychedelic pocket grooves (“The Thoughts of Emerlist Davejak “), swingin’ jazz runs (“Little Arabella”), hard rock boogie (“War and Peace”), counter melodic mastery (“Ars Longa Vita Brevis”) and metal mayhem (“Bonnie K”) and permutations thereof.


After The Nice decided to call it quits, Jackson toiled in a few ensembles; most notably Jackson Heights and Refugee which included such kindred spirits as Michael Giles, Ian Wallace, and Patrick Moraz, to cite a few.


Lee Jackson Sound & Vision:


“Hang On To A Dream” https://youtu.be/7RSRoM_fc9I


“Rondo 69” https://youtu.be/Pzz60X1mBgk


“The Thoughts of Emerlist Davejak” https://youtu.be/QwZupfYP-qg


“Little Arabella” https://youtu.be/o9Jg6Nxns0E


“Ars Longa Vita Brevis” https://youtu.be/kpy51TlTRSE


“Bonnie K” https://youtu.be/m8whQ7M5pVI