Rustee Allen (Sly Stone, Robin Trower)


He had the daunting task of succeeding Larry Graham in Sly & the Family Stone – on Larry’s recommendation – and James Dewar in Robin Trower’s iconic 70s ensembles, affording the virtuoso guitarist a decidedly funkier disposition as Dewar set aside the bass to concentrate on his vocals.


Rustee Allen (sometimes referred to as “Rusty” on album credits) is a soulful pocket and harmonic player who also cut sides and/or worked on stage with Angela Bofill, Rose Stone, George Clinton, and Bobby Womack, among others.


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Rustee Allen Sound & Vision…


Robin Trower:


“In City Dreams” 


“Caravan to Midnight”


Sly Stone:


“If You Want Me To Stay”


“Keep On Dancin’