Herb Bushler (David Sanborn, David Peel)


A virtuoso electric and upright player, and composer, the name Herb Bushler many not resonate with casual music fans who glossed over album credits and liner notes, however his expansive body of work is rather astounding, spanning folk, classical, jazz, pop, funk and groundbreaking permutations thereof.

Among the artists Herb has collaborated with include The Gil Evans Orchestra, Joe Farrell, Paul Winter, Les McCann, David Sanborn, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Tom Paxton, Burt Bacharach, Michael Franks, and David Peel & the Lower East Side, to cite a select few.

Herb Bushler Sound & Vision

With David Peel & The Lower East Side “The Lower East Side” https://youtu.be/fzY01c6WJUg

With Gil Evans “Little Wing” https://youtu.be/WEXTTAsAp0U

With David Sanborn on Herb’s composition “Herbs” https://youtu.be/gaXAcdiT7hs

With Paul Winter Consort “Icarus” https://youtu.be/CSCNYazFBk4

With Dee Dee Bridgewater “He’s Gone” https://youtu.be/fOcgUcc4xHc

Joe Farrell “Animal” https://youtu.be/yR9ME1M7BoI