David Paton (Pilot, Alan Parsons Project)


Where to begin with David Paton? A prolific singer, composer, producer, solo recording artist, sideman, collaborator, multi-instrumentalist – David is “known” to the masses by way of the international hit “Magic” with his band Pilot, and for his ten-year tenure as a founding member of The Alan Parsons Project.


A master tunesmith with a melodic / pocket approach to the instrument, Paton’s five decade and counting career spans pop to prog and permutations thereof.  David has used a variety of instruments over the years, including the pictured Fender Precision bass along with Rickenbacker, and MusicMan extended range, just to site a few.


Be sure to check out David’s expansive gear page https://www.davidpaton.com/gear/gear.htm


Among David’s stage and record credits include Kate Bush, Camel, Chris DeBurgh, Chris Rea, Jimmy Page, Elton John, Rick Wakeman (with whom David plays classical guitar), Richard Thompson, The Pretenders (“I’ll Stand By You”) and Fish, just to cite a very, very, very select few.


David Paton Sound and Vision…




Tony Senatore’s rendition of “Magic” https://youtu.be/5EilPGuwfJw


January” https://youtu.be/WdcrTUcdO0Q


“Call Me Round” https://youtu.be/0Ifu1sCW1ME


Dig David with Pilot on one of their reunion treks: https://youtu.be/dAcJUyZgVU8


The Alan Parsons Project “Old and Wise” – a track penned by Colin Blunstone https://youtu.be/hBda9jEJDH4


David with Sir Elton and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra https://youtu.be/Ky_kx8zj6vc


The Pretenders “I’ll Stand By You” https://youtu.be/bLpmj059JFA


David at the beginning of his career in 1968 on The Boots’ “The Animal In Me” https://youtu.be/yej4ToEWvMY


Kate Bush “Moving” https://youtu.be/YSOACab2t7k


Overview of David’s latest project The Traveler: (1) https://youtu.be/KA5cVUc3s1w (2) https://youtu.be/qXbPdH6TBQU


Keep tabs on David Paton via https://www.davidpaton.com/