Pete Agnew (Nazareth)

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“Mama please, no more facelifts…I just don’t know which one you is…”


Now in his 50th year (give or take a few breaks) of anchoring Dunfermline, Scotland’s Nazareth, Pete Agnew is among hard rock’s most underrated bassists.


A dexterous counter-melodic and pocket player with a gritty tone, Agnew and his mates took their musical cues from The Beatles, Stones, and The Band (their moniker derives from “The Weight”), combining song-craft with volume aplenty.


As singer Dan McCafferty and guitarist Manny Charlton are now pensioners, and Darrell Sweet has given up the ghost, Pete is the sole founding member on the bandstand. His son Lee now helms the Nazareth drum chair.


Pete Agnew Sound & Vision…




“Hair of the Dog”


“This Flight Tonight”


“Morning Dew”