Pete Agnew (Nazareth)

“Mama please, no more facelifts…I just don’t know which one you is…”


Now in his 50th year (give or take a few breaks) of anchoring Dunfermline, Scotland’s Nazareth, Pete Agnew is among hard rock’s most underrated bassists.


A dexterous counter-melodic and pocket player with a gritty tone, Agnew and his mates took their musical cues from The Beatles, Stones, and The Band (their moniker derives from “The Weight”), combining song-craft with volume aplenty.


As Dan McCafferty and Darrell Sweet have given up the ghost and guitarist Manny Charlton is a pensioner, Pete is the sole founding member on the bandstand. His son Lee now helms the Nazareth drum chair.


Pete Agnew Sound & Vision…




“Hair of the Dog”


“This Flight Tonight”


“Morning Dew”