Lenny Kotke (The Good Rats)

By Thomas Semioli


Dubbed the “world’s most famous unknown band,” go figure why this legendary Long Island collective helmed by the late, truly great Peppi Marchello never achieved global acclaim, if only for a brief shining moment.


As I was witness, The Good Rats blew many a headliner off many of the biggest (and smallest) stages. Alas Peppi’s proclamation of the “Curse of the Rat” rang true.


Bassist Lenny Kotke anchored the band during their golden era from roughly 1972 through 1980 or thereabouts – traversing blues, jazz, metal, hard rock, pop, prog, theatre, and every permutation thereof with pocket grooves that supported the singers, the soloists, and the songs. 


You should have been there!


Lenny Kotke Sound & Vision: 

The Good Rats live at The Bottom Line in 1978 https://youtu.be/ZeJkZCE4fdw


Taking It To Detroit

Does It Make You Feel Good

Don’t Hate The Ones That Bring You Rock And Roll

Ratcity In Blue

Let Me

Coo Coo Blues

Dear Sir

Yellow Flower

Reason To Kill

Local Zero

Victory In Space

Fireball Express

Injun Joe

Klash Ka Bob


Peppi Marchello – Vocals, Mickey Marchello – Guitar, John Gatto – Guitar, Joe Franco – Drums, Lenny Kotke – Bass


KYPB Adjunct Professor Tony Senatore’s lecture and rendition of “Takin’ It To Detroit” https://youtu.be/uVs7iKXWt-k