Garry Gary Beers (INXS)

Along with Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond of Jethro Tull, he is the most prominent double-named bassist in the history of rock!*

Inspired by Sir Paul, John Paul Jones, and James Jamerson, Garry Gary Beers anchored the mega-platinum INXS with a distinctly soulful approach, working the pocket with melodic motifs that fueled the Aussie ensemble’s signature hits.

Doubling on upright and guitar, outside of INXS Beers collaborated with the late Scott Weiland, Sean Kelly and His Absent Friends, and Ciaran Gribbin, among others.

Garry’s weapons of choice are the Fender Precision, though he did wield a fashionable (and functional) Steinberger XL in the equally fashionable early 80s.

Dig Tony Senatore’s rendition of “Don’t Change”

Dig Beers on “Devil Inside”

Dig Beers on “What You Need”

Dig Beers on “Listen Like Thieves”

*Not their birth names….

Courtesy of Garry Gary Beers Facebook Courtesy of Garry Gary Beers Facebook