Ben Orr (The Cars)

Courtesy of The Cars Com Courtesy of The Cars Com

Courtesy of The Cars Com

By Thomas Semioli

With his “rock star” good looks and patented “rock star” coiffe, the late rock star Benjamin Orzechowski anchored Boston’s new wave Rock and Roll Hall of Famer quartet: The Cars.

An accomplished lead singer who crooned with an icy Bowie Berlin era delivery, and composer – Ben belted out the band’s signature hits “Just What I Needed,” and “Drive,” among others. Orr’s playing style exemplified the genre’s rudimentary roots rooted, eighth-note modus operandi which afforded a solid platform for the synths and shiny guitars to do their thing.

Orr continued his career when The Cars split with Big People, and Voices of Classic Rock. He also waxed a fine solo slab in ’85 entitled The Lace which featured the hit “Stay The Night.” 

Ben was a bass collector as well, among his weapons of choice included: Rickenbacker 4001, Fender Precision, Spector N2, Dean Metalman ML, Guild Pilot, Gibson Flying V, Gibson EB 6, and a Vox Teardrop

“Just What I Needed” at Live Aid


“Stay the Night”

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