Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club)

Courtesy of Tom Tom Club Com

As the punk ethos purveyed an illogical distain for instrumental dexterity, even though seasoned session cats often cut tracks on several seminal sides during the genre’s golden 1975-80 era, the smartest players employed rhythm and space as their primary means of expression. Among the masters of this less-is-a lot-more modus operandi was founding Talking Heads bassist Tina Weymouth. Appropriating reggae, dance, and funk influences with an intense minimalist approach, Tina’s work was both groundbreaking and influential to a generation of players.


Aside from her work with Talking Heads, Tina anchored Tom Tom Club, and the David Byrne-less Heads in addition to several collaborations with the likes of Happy Mondays, Gorillaz, and Le Tigre.


Among Tina’s numerous weapons of choice included, Fender Mustang, Fender Jazz, Steinberger L, and the Hofner 500/2 bass.


Tina Weymouth Sound & Vision…


Talking Heads


“Psycho Killer” live 1977 https://youtu.be/vmmvtX0IUHU


“Life During Wartime” https://youtu.be/jShMQw2H2cM


“And She Was” https://youtu.be/cl3B_FTDKD0


“Wild Wild Life” https://youtu.be/616-QGQyx-I


Tom Tom Club


“You Sexy Thing” https://youtu.be/4DRlRFFiS-Y


“Genius of Love” https://youtu.be/8eGGSZUfEGA


The Heads


“The Damage I Have Done” with Johnette Napolitano https://youtu.be/uW56q3EvKbc