Fudgie Kae (Mandrill)

Anchoring what could arguably be among the first “world music” ensembles, the late Frederick “Fudgie Kae” Solomon helmed Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn’s Mandrill during their golden era circa 1972 -75.

Laying down the groove with a fat flat-wound Fender P, Fudgie fused funk with Latin, rock, blues, and salsa on tracks which emerged in various edits on scores of hip-hop, techno, and acid jazz DJ mixes.

Dig Fudgie on Mandrill’s signature track https://youtu.be/ayhpzgUrPQM

Dig Fudgie on “Fencewalk” https://youtu.be/aTsw3u6g5YI

Dig Fudgie on “Mango Meat” https://youtu.be/n-cIqYof2-8

Fudgie 2.png Fudgie 2.png