Dave Allen (Gang of Four, Shreikback)

Courtesy of Gang of Four UK Courtesy of Gang of Four UK

Courtesy of Gang of Four UK

A founding member of two seminal British ensembles, Gang of Four and Shriekback, bassist Dave Allen brought a decidedly funky disposition to the “post-punk” genre. His sharp tone, occasional slap style, and rhythmic approach referenced dance, dub, and reggae styles.

With Shreikback’s new wave / pop inclinations, Allen’s playing became more refined, working the fretless, with subtle flange and chorus effects.

A composer, producer, collaborator, and entrepreneur with his World Domination label – Allen waxed sides under his own name as a member of Elastic Purejoy, Low Pop Suicide, and King Swamp, among others.

Dig David and Gang of Four on this live rendition “Damaged Goods”  https://youtu.be/YI-9N-PasvM

Dig David with Shriekback “Underwater Boys” https://youtu.be/IdlYTP_41Is

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