Ed Grundy (Bloodrock)

Ed Grundy Portrait.jpg Ed Grundy Portrait.jpg

By Thomas Semioli

Plying his craft with a fuzzy tone and a funky disposition, Ed Grundy grounded the gritty Ft. Worth, Texas ensemble Bloodrock for a six slabs which were mercurial meld of hard-rock, soul, prog, blues, and psychedelia throughout their 1969-74 lifespan.

BloodRock.jpg BloodRock.jpg

Managed and produced by Grand Funk Railroad mastermind Terry Knight, Bloodrock scored their biggest hit with “D.O.A.” and were a staple on free form FM radio and concert stages (often in support of GFRR) in the early 70s. The band split in mid-decade and Grundy retired from the music business, however they did reunite for a benefit show in 2005 for an ailing member which was captured on DVD.

“D.O.A.” Live from the 2005 Reunion https://youtu.be/_ShOf3TD7rE

“Gotta Find A Way” https://youtu.be/kDWH3hOP6q8

“Cheater” https://youtu.be/rU_foI7_IlQ

“Kool Aid Kids” https://youtu.be/jVVuHP6PRCg

Grundy 3.png Grundy 3.png