John Cardone (The Sixties, John Ford, Mike Barry)

We refer to John Cardone as a “bass lifer.” That is, a ceaselessly steadfast and accomplished player whose long and winding road of a career spans school gigs, soirees of varied delineations, establishments of dubious and eminent renown, to esteemed concert stages and all permutations thereof. We’re talking about a dedicated denizen of the lower register.



The true yet unheralded backbone of rock ‘n’ roll who fearlessly traverses genres and generations. The lean, soul-patch, side-burn, slick coiffed cat who joyfully plies his craft on a myriad of instruments which he fervently collects whilst purveying the astute credo “right tool for the right job” and, of course, “it has to look great!” A bassist/vocalist, John has performed and recorded with his prog-hero John Ford of The Strawbs, and anchored The Sixties repertory ensemble among others. When Cardone eventually departs this mortal coil; the basses, the rigs, and the stage garb (hair gel, Beatle boots included) go with him in the afterlife road case.



Dig John’s Know Your Bass Player On Film Season One Interview from 2016, Euphoria Studios New York City,