Fran Sheehan (Boston)

By Thomas Semioli

More than a feeling? It was one of those rare times in life when you hear a record for the first time and your jaw drops! How did they do that?


In the summer of ’76, the sonic multi-layered resonance of Tom Scholz’s guitar blaring from FM radios begat an American rock ‘n’ roll revolution.


Though reviled by “hipsters” and intolerant journalists aplenty: players (and girls) dug the production, song-craft, and musicianship. As did the public (and did I mention girls), which pushed Boston’s debut slab to 17 x Platinum. As a high-school player during the Ford / Carter administrations I had to learn this record verbatim for dances, proms, street fairs and the like. Pity (on the audiences) that none of us could croon akin to Brad Delp. Girls dug us anyway, and this was before marijuana was legalized!


On their watershed debut, mastermind Tom Scholz doubled on bass, sans for two tracks waxed by Fran Sheehan. Their passages exuded harmonic finesse by way of upper register motifs, and soulful rhythms among the barrage of harmonies and studio enhanced soundscapes.


I guess if I were a punk that didn’t know any better, I’d have felt threatened too.


Fran Sheehan Sound & Vision


Fran’s major 10th motifs, glissandos “Let Me Take You Home Tonight”




Boston Live 1979, Giants Stadium, New Jersey