Tony Kanal (No Doubt)

Courtesy No Doubt Com


A versatile player given to grooves which draw from reggae, ska, rock, soul, funk, punk, disco, and permutations thereof, Tony Ashwin Kanal is best known, no doubt, for his tenure in No Doubt.


An accomplished bassist, producer, and composer, Tony commenced his musical journey as a saxophonist, then switched to electric bass during his high school years.


Outside of ND, Kanal’s most notable busman holidays include Pink’s Funhouse (2008), the soundtrack to 50 First Dates (2004), Elan Atias (Together As One), and solo platters by his bandmate Gwen Stefani, to cite a few. In 2017 Kanal founded a punk / new wave collective which works under the moniker Dreamcar.


Kanal’s main weapon of choice are Yamaha basses.


Tony Kanal Sound & Vision….


“Just A Girl”


“Don’t Speak”  


“Hella Good”


“Oi to the World”


Dreamcar “Kill for Candy”