Ross Valory (Journey)

Courtesy of Ross Valory Com 

Don’t stop believing in the power of B-E-A-D!


Founding Journey bassist Ross Valory – who appears on all their platters save for one – is a proponent of the alternative tuning most associated with metal mavens.  A composer , multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, Ross is a versatile melodic / pocket cat who seamlessly traverses hard rock to jazz fusion to arena pop.


In addition to his work with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Bay Area ensemble, Valory has also plied his craft with Steve Miller, Michael Bolton, The Storm with Kevin Chalfant, Greg Rollie, and Steve Smith; and The V.U. (with Prairie Prince), among other ensembles and recording projects.


Ross has utilized many weapons of choice over his stored career, including Fender Jazz, Fender Precision, Peavey, MusicMan Stingray, Steinberger XT2, and Ovation Magnum, among others…

Ross Valory Sound and Vision:


Dig Tony Senatore’s rendition of Ross’ passages


“Don’t Stop Believing”


“Hopelessly in Love”


“Mother, Father”


Ross with Steve Miller “Rock Love”


Valory with pre-Steve Perry Journey “To Play Some Music”


VU “Keys to the City”


Ross’ bass solo with Journey in concert circa 1980