Ian Hill (Judas Priest)

Courtesy Judas Priest Com

“Living after midnight, rockin’ to the dawn, lovin’ ’til the morning, then I’m gone, I’m gone!”


Rob Halford may be rockin’ and lovin’ but he’s not gone… and neither is the chrome-domed studded-codpiece commandeering singer’s former brother-in-law and bassist, Ian Hill!  


Hill started out on upright, following the footsteps of his father who was an accomplished jazz bass player. Founding the mighty Judas Priest in 1970 with K.K. Downing, Ian is the sole original member of this metal institution which has sold upwards of 50 million slabs, and inspired generation upon generation of hard rockers around the globe


A student of the classic British players of yore with a yen for volume – Jack Bruce and John Entwistle; Hill oddly enough eschews the flash and improve for pocket-playing, with an occasional melody / riff just to remind you he’s there!


Ian’s weapon of choice during Priest’s golden era was a 1970 Fender Jazz with a block neck. Since then he has worked Spector instruments which produce a signature Ian Hill bass. Sometime in the 1980s, Hill switched to the now common metal modus operandi of B-E-A-D tuning. Occasionally Ian will work the extended range five string as his guitar mates tend to tune down to further accentuate Halford’s hoops and hollers….  




Ian Hill Sound & Vision…


“Don’t Go” https://youtu.be/3ROVXf6fZ0U


“Another Think Coming” Live https://youtu.be/U__m4N7Ml30


“Hell Bent for Leather” https://youtu.be/IyEGGoWaxOc


“Rocka Rolla” https://youtu.be/957N7EAtpY4


“Painkiller” https://youtu.be/nM__lPTWThU


“Breakin’ the Law” https://youtu.be/L397TWLwrUU


“Electric Eye” https://youtu.be/yMVV_HsHcX0


“Turbo Lover” https://youtu.be/JhY9GOhFwN4