Ed Gagliardi (Foreigner)

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Millions heard his thumping bass lines blaring from FM radio in the 1970s by way of his brief tenure in Foreigner. However, the late Ed Gagliardi, who commandeered a Rickenbacker 4001 akin to his idol Sir Paul (he even played it lefty ala Macca despite the fact that EG was right handed), was a brilliant upper register and counter-melodic player as evidenced on such deep album cuts including…

“Starrider” https://youtu.be/UNkwrKjYUmo

“Woman Oh Woman” https://youtu.be/kjjP8vDLefA

“Fool For You Anyway” https://youtu.be/WewBjxSdXRQ

“You Are All I Am” https://youtu.be/AzF7hCWNqIw

“Spellbinder” https://youtu.be/xxCwMgsHCLM

Following his dismissal from Foreigner following disputes aplenty with Mick Jones, Ed founded Spys with his former Foreigner keyboardist Al Greenwood, guitarist John DiGaudio, drummer Billy Milne, and singer John Blanco. Spys waxed two sides before calling it quits, prompting the Long Island native to leave the music biz.

Dig Ed with Spys “She Can’t Wait” https://youtu.be/-Ocb7lvVW5E

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