Andrew Levy (Brand New Heavies)

In the 1990s the musical format known as “acid jazz” which was essentially a remake remodel of late 1960s jazz fusion or “soul jazz” – rekindled interest in the traditional sounds and aesthetic of the Fender bass.


Among the most notable practitioners of the genre – who are still on the bandstand thirty plus years into a stellar career are London’s The Brand New Heavies. Featuring such dance floor divas as N’Dea Davenport and Siedah Garrett, the collective is anchored by founding bassist, producer, composer Andrew Levy – who is a groove monster, plying pulsating pocket and melodic motifs which traverse soul, disco, and old-school funk!


Dig Andrew groovin’ on “Never Stop”

Courtesy TBNH CO UK Courtesy TBNH CO UK

Courtesy TBNH CO UK