Maurice Gibb (Bee Gees)

He anchored one of the world’s most artistically and commercially successful recording acts ever.


Though the Bee Gees employed scores of studio cats during their long, iconic career, the late Maurice Ernest Gibb waxed nearly all the bass tracks throughout their golden run from 1967 to 1979.


A multi-instrumentalist, brilliant harmony and lead vocalist, composer, and producer – Maurice was an underrated song-player who excelled on ballads, rockers, pop tunes, disco, dance tracks, and permutations thereof to which the brothers Gibb triumphantly traversed with fine countermelodies and pocket grooves.


Inspired by vocal groups including The Mills Brothers, Everly Brothers, Paul Anka, and The Beatles, Maurice’s weapons of choice included Rickenbacker and Fender basses.


Maurice Gibb Sound & Vision…


Maurice working a Fender P on this live version of “Nights on Broadway”


“Gotta Get a Message To You” – featuring upper register riffery on the Rick


“To Love Somebody”


“Run to Me”