John Glascock (Jethro Tull, Chicken Shack)

By Thomas Semioli

Courtesy of Jethro Tull Com Courtesy of Jethro Tull Com

Courtesy of Jethro Tull Com

By Thomas Semioli

John Glascock is a brilliant bass player, the best in the business in rock…. opined Ritchie Blackmore, a rock guitar legend who worked with iconic bassists aplenty including Roger Glover, Glenn Hughes, Jimmy Bain, John Paul Jones, and Bob Daisley…to cite a few.

A multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist, the late John Glascock anchored Latin prog-rock ensemble Carmen (Fandangos in Space, Dancing on the Cold Wind), blues ensembles Toe Fat and Chicken Shack (Imagination Lady) and one of the more eclectic line-ups Jethro Tull from 1976-79.

Among the early adopters of Leo’s MusicMan Stingray bass in 1976 (or thereabouts), John was an engaging stage performer and a register leaping, plectrum purveying, dexterous pocket / melodic player. Among John’s additional weapons of choice included Fender Precision, and Gibson basses.

Sadly, John passed at the age of 28 from congenital heart problems.

Dig John with Carmen live from the Marquee in 1973:

Dig John with Chicken Shack: “Crying Won’t Help You Now”

Dig John with Jethro Tull on:  “Quizz Kid” from Morgan Studios

“Too Old to Rock and Roll” and “Minstrel in the Gallery” live in ‘77

Dig Tony Senatore’s rendition of “Too Old to Rock and Roll”

“Heavy Horses / Moth”

“Hunting Girl”

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