Dusty Hill (ZZ Top)

He penned the (el) perfecto paean to plump patootie entitled “Tush!” Joseph Michael “Dusty” Hill endures as the unshakable rhythmic/harmonic moor of ZZ Top, the iconic little ol’ band from Texas.


Entrenched in the pocket, and pulsating in 1/3/5/b7 modus operandi plied on a myriad of custom and vintage instruments, Dusty is “A Sharp Dressed Man” who accentuates his wardrobe with “Cheap Sunglasses.”


Dusty Hill Sound & Vision…


“Tush” https://youtu.be/P7iPkiyG2jQ


“Sharp Dressed Man” https://youtu.be/7wRHBLwpASw


“La Grange” https://youtu.be/vqz0wRaie2g


“Cheap Sunglasses” https://youtu.be/rpNlWI_P1gc