Jamie Stewart (The Cult)


Born into a musical family, James Alec Stewart was a founding member of the platinum selling Goth / hard-rock ensemble The Cult.


A converted guitarist, Stewart also doubled on keys and occasionally returned to the six-string as needed.


Stewart anchored the band on its trio of signature slaps Love (1985), Electric (1987), and Sonic Temple (1989) – which, to this day, dominate the band’s live sets. A hard rock pocket player who set the simple sonic template for his many successors (The Cult never permanently replaced him) Jamie’s main weapons of choice were Fender Jazz and Precision basses, and earlier in their career, the MusicMan Stingray – a common instrument among UK Goth rockers.


Following his split from the band, Stewart went into production before retiring from the music biz, however on occasion The Cult play in their native UK, Stewart joins them onstage for a song or two.


Jamie Stewart Sound & Vision…


“She Sells Sanctuary” https://youtu.be/ZCOSPtyZAPA


“Love Removal Machine” https://youtu.be/k6PgftKbQnQ


“Sweet Soul Sister” https://youtu.be/pqcAidqgqmU


“God’s Zoo” https://youtu.be/dmRVneaCuMY