Tim Commerford (Rage Against the Machine)

Courtesy of RATM Com Courtesy of RATM Com

Courtesy of RATM Com

Underpinning Zack de la Roca’s sharp political libretto and Tom Morello’s angular riffage with monster grooves, Timothy Robert Commerford anchors the off-again on-again rap metal masters Rage Against the Machine. Utilizing Geddy Lee’s one finger technique whilst drawing on funk, progressive, and old school hard- rock, Commerford abets his sound with multiple effects spanning delay, wah, phase, and distortion.

Inspired to pick up the instrument by Gene Simmons (or studio cat Neil Jason!) has heard on Kiss Alive ll, Commerford revised his RATM role with grunge-metal supergroup Audioslave for a pair of platinum slabs.

Occasionally dabbling on upright, Tim currently fronts the electro-prog collective Future User, and has anchored yet another rap-metal supergroup – Prophets of Rage with a few of his ex-RATM mates and DJ Lord and Chuck D.

Tim’s primary weapons of choice are MusicMan Stingray and Fender Jazz basses.

WARNING to traditionalists – Commerford has been spotted using a Steinberger bass with Future User!

Courtesy of RATM COM Courtesy of RATM COM

Courtesy of RATM COM

Dig Tim with RATM:

“Killing in the Name” https://youtu.be/bWXazVhlyxQ

“Bulls on Parade” https://youtu.be/3L4YrGaR8E4

“Sleep Now In the Fire” https://youtu.be/kl4wkIPiTcY

Dig Tim with Audioslave:

“Like a Stone” https://youtu.be/7QU1nvuxaMA

“Revelations” https://youtu.be/4m2q5Fw8gwI

“Killing in the Name Of” https://youtu.be/sQFXKOPJOYM

Dig Tim with Prophets of Rage

“Prophets of Rage” https://youtu.be/2220MdXVPGw

“Hands Up” https://youtu.be/9nWmvf1soTY

Dig Tim with Future User

“Mountain Lion” https://youtu.be/NzW8SnUKms0

Courtesy of Audioslave FB Courtesy of Audioslave FB

Courtesy of Audioslave FB