Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller, The Who)

Behold Brit Pop Royalty!


A founding member of Ocean Colour Scene, Damon Minchella is a purveyor of hazy, hypnotic grooves which he plies on his battered Fender Jazz with a reverence for psychedelia, baroque pop, and classic rock.


In addition to his work with OCS (five Top 5 UK slabs, fifteen Top 20 UK singles the last time I counted…) Damon also anchored Paul Weller’s band for a dozen years, and appeared with The Who at Live 8.


Following a serious hand injury, which he as fully recovered from, Michella now turns to academia, teaching a pop music course at The University of South Wales.


Damon Minchella Sound & Vision…


Ocean Colour Scene:


“The Day We Ride the Train” https://youtu.be/1rr4tXN2eJM


“The Riverboat Song” https://youtu.be/brzzM31G4x8


“You’ve Got It Bad” https://youtu.be/GSCRUwJk1_Q


Paul Weller:


“He’s The Keeper” https://youtu.be/dUx-E8w3ctU


“Horseshoe Drama” https://youtu.be/byB1-AWxZlU


The ‘Oo at Live 8


“Won’t Get Fooled Again” https://youtu.be/t1fJVdpIyRM